Well it's finally that time. 
Since the beginning of February I have been working hard on a portrait series that had to do with colour, extravagance, and art, that at the time didn't have a name. Through the ups and down I made it through this large project pretty happy with how everything turned out. 
At this point, I know the title of the series to be
Eight portraits of 'Characters', each representing a colour, post modern artist, and a personality. Eight different worlds to get lost in. 
I want to thank everyone who has been apart of this shoot, whether it be pre-poduction, assisting to set up shoots, or even kind words to get me through anxiety attacks. It all means so much. It's to know that the work is finished and that it is now off the wall, but who knows what will happen in the future.
I'm currently working on a zine due to be out in September, and in the meantime I'm doing small shoots... but it's not the same.
So without further rambling, here's 'TECHNICOLOUR IDOLS' on the wall, with an outtake, and in its glory. 
On the left is the image used in the series, and on the right is my favourite outtake- I feel it gives a complete perspective.

*disclaimer colours are off*


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